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London Market Casualty

From small contractors to large corporate risks, the cumulative breadth of our Insurer Partners' proposition means that Encompass are able to find solutions for the majority of your clients' casualty requirements. 

For the larger and/or more specialist Insureds that may:

  • work in hazardous environments or utilise hazardous processes.

  • are more complex and/or outside the appetite of traditional composite market insurers.

  • by virtue of their size, require a scheduled placement.

  • require DIC / DIL coverage.

  • require Pollution and/or Financial Loss / Non-negligence extensions etc.

  • be Non-Conventionally rated.

  • require Excess of Loss coverage.

Encompass have access to Underwriters who understand and have experience structuring coverage for unique requirements for most sectors / trades including;  Industrial,  Commercial,  Contractors, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Rail & Automotive, Safety Critical, Height/Depth/Confined spaces etc. and many other sectors / trades too numerous to list here.

Please contact us to discuss ​your requirements you may have.


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