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Our Capabilities

Instead of providing a list of the different types of policies and businesses that we can serve - the list would be particularly extensive! - we would ask that you contact us with a brief description of your requirements as we can provide services to many sectors and have access to specialist insurers with a broad range of expertise. 


It is more useful to list the areas where we may not be able to help:

  • Large Multi-national clients with a requirement for us to provide an overseas Broker office.  However, we can provide for UK based subsidiaries and some 'reverse flow' business connected to large multi-national clients.

  • We are a 'General' insurance Broker so we do not provide Life and Pensions services.

  • For some very niche business areas, we may need to engage with a fellow Wholesale Broker - we will always be transparent and upfront if we percieve this will be required.

  • Personal Lines Insurance - however we can consider some High Net Worth policy requirements if we are engaged on the business portfolio.

  • For reasons explained here, we may not be able to help on micro-SME business

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