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For Business - Engaging with us

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Why engage with us? 

As a business owner / Financial Director / Procurement Officer, you have a multitude of different providers and options when considering your insurance portfolio.  Let's dispel one myth first; there is no Broker that can meet the needs of all businesses - despite what you might read on glossy corporate websites.  We recognise that your time is limited so we will summarise what we do in one paragraph below and if this sounds like the type of Broker that might suit you, you can read on to determine why we have structured our proposition in the way we have and understand what this means for you.


'Encompass Insurance Brokers deliver a fully advised broker service for UK businesses that value professional advice and guidance, completely transparent fees, access to a broad range of  financially rated insurers including direct access to specialist London Market insurers and a Broker that makes an effort to understand your business and design an insurance program that caters for your risk appetite.  We have very low overheads, no debt and a de-centralised business ethos that rewards those in the business that add value to the proposition hence incentivising an exceptional personal service proposition.' 



So, what does all this mean?

A Fully Advised Broker Service

There has been an increasing shift towards 'non-advised' brokers as opposed to 'advised' Brokers but there is a very important distinction between these two types of Broker - click here to learn more about the differences between the two.  Spoiler alert: 'cheaper' may not be 'better'! ....but then you probably knew that!


Completely Transparent Fees


The majority of Brokers still offer policies that include their commission (or brokerage to use industry parlance) hidden in the bottom line price that you pay.  Click here to learn why we do not do this and why it is better for you that we don't.

Financially Rated Insurers

You are about to pay a fair amount of money to an insurer for them to take risk away from you.  What happens when your insurer 'goes under' taking your cash with it and leaving you without cover?  Whilst it is rare in the UK, there have been cases of this happening.  Click here to learn what happens when this ocurs and how you can minimise this risk.

Direct Access to the London Market

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) there were a total of 920 Insurers operating in the UK in 2019 - you're right, we've not heard of some of them (believe it or not, whilst we love insurance, we do have lives!) but we are confident that we have relationships with those insurers that can facilitate the requirements of the majority of our clients.  Some of our insurer partners are based in London, have no (or very little) regional presence and only deal with specialist London Placement Brokers.  Very generally, these insurers tend to underwrite risks that are unique or large.  Most Brokers have partnerships with Insurers who have a regional presence and, when the need arises, they will engage with another Broker (on a wholesale basis, to use industry parlance) to access the London Market.  This arrangement can actually work very well for you, the buyer, under some circumstances but there are many instances when the placement involves many brokers adding little value and, therefore, be punitive for the buyer.  As you may have already noticed from our website, we are both Brokers for 'direct' clients like you and we also provide our services to other Brokers if they require our broking services and access to an insurer in the London Market.  Click here to learn more about when wholesale placements become costly and offer little value - and what it means for you to engage with a Broker that has both 'Regional' and 'London Market' access.

Makes an Effort to Understand Your Business

Whilst it is hard for us to understand, we do appreciate that arranging your insurances might not be on the top of your 'To Do' list and why you might seek to do this in as little time as possible.  Have you ever had a Broker ask you to send them a copy of your renewal invite in order that they might obtain an alternative quotation?  Yes, we've seen that too.  Click here to learn why that might be a terrible idea and why we do things differently.

Very Low Overheads and No Debt

How are business costs paid for? As you know; by increasing the product / service price, which means you pay more.  We're going to hand you over to our MD for his views on this one here - advance warning; his wife doesn't call him an 'insuromniac' for nothing, so we suggest you grab a coffee first...

A Decentralised Business Ethos

A website wouldn't be complete without some corporate mumbo jumbo - here is what it means for you and we do think that this is a major point of difference between us and other Brokers so it's worth a read.

If you have made it this far, thank-you, we appreciate that there is a lot of information to take in.  If you would like to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail, we would be delighted to hear from you.  


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